Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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My Home

I truly hate that it took such a horrific and tragic disaster to occur before I felt it.  I hate that a child and two others had to lose their lives before I felt it.  I hate that families were forever destroyed before I felt it.  I hate that President Obama had to eloquently reassure us before I felt it.  I hate that it took all of these senseless, tear-inducing events for me to feel it, but I certainly feel it now.  Boston is my home.

I've been living in this city for nearly 8 years now and I never truly identified with it.  Don't get me wrong, I love it - it has everything that a twentysomething needs without the added pretentiousness.  It was just never home to me.  Unfortunately it took one of the worst acts in American history to wake my stupid ass up.  I don't have to like any of the sports teams, the accent, the public transit, the bar close time, but I really and truly love this place.  This city formed and cultivated me into the man that I am today.  I found my girlfriend in this city.  I've made lifelong friendships in this city.  Boston, no matter where I end up in life, you and New York City will always be home to me.

NOTE: I was off from work today, but took the time to head down to my office building to pick up my laptop and "work from home."  My building was very close to the attack to the point that I saw both explosions outside of my window.  On the way in to the building and on my way home I took some pictures of the scene - here they are:

One of the many press conferences going on throughout the city

A husband and wife came to pick up their running bags

There were still quite a few left

My office building with the flags at half mast

Soldiers parked outside of my building in a Humvee with a turret attached on top

Soldiers huddling together while onlookers took pictures.  Felt safe today

Most surreal image of the day - this is the truck the police use to test for bombs.

Bostonian for life...

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