Monday, April 1, 2013

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Worst April Fools Joke Ever

It goes without saying that something bad needs to happen to Kofi Outlaw.  There are jokes and there is taking things too far.  This, my friends, was taking it as far as you can possibly take something.

If you didn't almost stroke out when you initially read this headline, you weren't a fan of David.  I thought Tyrone Biggums was coming back for a round of more cracky hijinks.  Maybe we'd see some more of Ashy Larry claiming his hot hand in the dice game? Nope, just fucking Kofi ruining my day for no reason at all.  I bet Kofi puts whoopie cushions under people's seats and calls elderly people to ask if their refrigerators are running.

Only unfunny people actually participate in April Fools day.  Factual.

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