Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Don't Know How I Feel About The Walking Dead Cast Acting Like Real People

I thought I liked this, but after 30 seconds went by, I decided that I hate it.  I can't live in a world like this.  Hershel is looking limber as shit.  Not right.

Here are some of my observations from this picture:

1)  The black girls quickly reverted to "at the club" mode

2)  Maggie is crushin' the sorority girl pose

3)  Hey Angela, you were eaten, get out of here

4)  Carl is a world-class herb

5)  The Governor won this picture

6)  Hate Carol.  No matter what

7)  Fuckin' Rick

8)  Tyree is just happy to be there and is soaking it in.

9)  Glen with the "I'm definitely not having sex with Maggie in real-life" pose

10)  Daryl, chill brah

-WHO is behind Carl?  I've been staring for a solid minute and have no idea.

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