Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Black History Month Is Off To A Roaring Start

Nothing like good ol' fashioned racism to kick off Black History Month.  Can't get mad at them either since they have to squeeze in so much into so few days.

Not gonna lie, fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon sounds like a BOMB ass lunch.  That's not just the black in me either.  That's the "I like to eat good food" in me.  Show me a white person that doesn't like fried chicken, cornbread or watermelon and I'll show you a real, genuine racist with a terrible palette.

Out of all the disparaging stereotypes that are associated with black people, the fried chicken and watermelon stereotype is definitely in the top two.  And honestly, the best part of this whole thing is the "Diversity Assembly" that they are going to hold to discuss the matter.  Man, WUT?  Are kids going to be in a panel-like scenario airing their grievances on the shit they ate for lunch one afternoon?  CBS, NBC, FOX and most of all Comedy Central need to be there with bells on filming this.  This shit might bring Dave Chappelle out of retirement.

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