Friday, February 7, 2014

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Sochi Forgot An Olympic Ring, But It's Fine Because They Threw Up A Snowflake Instead

Classic "replace an obvious circle with a much smaller snow flake and hope no one notices" move by Russia here.  It works for so many reasons.  Actually just one.  They fucked up.  

Love the enthusiasm, though.  It's like planning to bring flowers to a girl on Valentine's Day, forgetting to buy flowers, and picking up a daffodil out of the dirt before you get to her door.  Shit effort, but effort nonetheless.

How about Sochi killing it this year, huh?  Semen on the hotel sheets, brown ass water, and a mass genocide of stray dogs.  That's basically the ineptitude trifecta.  My favorite #SochiProblem is most definitely the open manhole covers:

The audacity of the city to not put forth the effort to close these holes of doom is downright remarkable.  But hey, consistency, right?  You can't have all 5 Olympic rings if you have open manhole covers, dead dogs and gay-bashing going on.  In a way, Sochi is just throwing a fast ball down the plate every pitch and just daring us to hit it.

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