Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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So Close. So So Close.

Yeah, maybe a gross misspelling of a 3D globe-trotting ape wasn't exactly the answer here, but god dammit this woman took a shot.  Nothing worse than Final Jeopardy answers that are left blank.  Toss one up into the end zone.  Make a fool of yourself.  Become a blog post on WMD.

Sonic has GOT to be pissed, huh?  None of the Sega guys get any love out here.  I mean, Vectorman might be the least respected video game character of my generation:

I remember all of my friends were like "That game looks pretty cool, but Genesis?  Ew." Sonic was the only thing holding that system together and people can't even pull together a Final Jeopardy answer without pooping all over Sega's face.

On another completely different note, the mine level in Donkey Kong Country legitimately made me cry.  For like an hour.  I treated that level like an alcoholic treats booze.  I played because it hurt so good and it hurt so good because I played.  

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