Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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If You Weren't Aware Of Testicular Cancer, Senhor Testiculo Is Here To Teach

Don't know about you fellas, but I just investigated the hell out of my balls.  Had to do the annual check to make sure they didn't have googly eyes and a faceless Hispanic woman next to them before I was completely sure that I was okay this year.

If the goal was to terrorize the male population of Brazil, mission accomplished.  While I'm sure most people don't understand why a set of nuts with chubby cheeks is preaching anything, I believe that the point is well taken here.  You don't need a bigger "check your testicles" reminder than a giant set of testicles with Aspergers Syndrome.  I know it doesn't say that he has Aspergers, but Mr. Testicle most certainly does.  Props to this woman for deeming this picture too embarrassing to have her face revealed.  You don't want to forever be linked to Senhor Testiculo.

I may be accused of a lot of things here on WMD, but neglecting testicular health will never be one of them.  Awareness.