Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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CougarLife.Com Billboard Ads Coming In Crazy Hot

The second ad is hilarious.  If I had to drive by that thing every day, I'd laugh every single time for like two months.  First ad is absolutely disgusting.  An unexpected titty can send a car veering into a palm tree very fast.  Add in a child breastfeeding and it can become vomit city even faster.  Either way, Cougarlife is on the radar.  

So here's Miss Cougarlife.com:

She scares me for a number of reasons.

1)  She can be anywhere between 29 and 52 years old.

2)  That body will rip a 401K right out of your wallet.

3)  She participated and won "Miss Cougarlife.com"

All significant red flags that would make me concerned if this was the absolute pinnacle of the site.  I'm obviously going to investigate further with significant research and experimental cases, but from the outside, this is a very worrisome site.

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