Thursday, May 23, 2013

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It Hit Me Last Night (Right Around The Time When I Drew A MS Paint Version Of Myself In The Nude) That I Could Use Another Writer

Those of you that are new(er) to WMD, you may not know that I once had co-writers   Yes, multiple.  Craw, Dick Palmer, G and Pears all have fallen by the wayside.  They had lives to lead, jobs to perform and schools to graduate from and god dammit if I wasn't a lucky SOB to have them write for the site for free.  Grateful as hell.  Now with that said, they're all dead to me from a blogger standpoint.

I've been riding dirty now for almost a year and things have been going smoothly.  Viewership has continued to grow and I've gotten into a groove as much as someone who sits in his boxers and blogs at night can get into a groove.  Hell, I've even made some real American dollars from it.  I'm still looking for Yen and Bitcoins, but I can be patient.  The thing is, I could use some help.  Some serious help.  I want to churn out posts like the realer blogs on the internet churn out posts.  As one man, I can't do that, have a girlfriend and not die from carpal tunnel at the same time.  I need others.


Do you think of weird shit when you see weird internet stories?

Once you get back from work, hang out, hit the gym, make dinner and do whatevs, do you still have some time leftover where you stay up and do nightowl things?

Like writing?

Be willing to work for free at the start/forever?  

Will your family disown you if they find out you write for a blog?

How do you feel about black people?  Because I'm black.

Did you laugh when you saw Miguel crush that girl's face with a leg drop?

Are you cool with dick/poop jokes?

Ever used Blogger?

Have a irrational hope that this site can one day be big?

Will you actually care about the site?


If you answered positively to like 65% of that, give me a buzz.  And by buzz, I mean don't ever call me, just email me at, tweet me at @WMsDiary or hit me up if you actually know me.  Just don't fucking call or I'll break my phone in rage.

Let's make history by doing something literally millions of websites on the internet are doing, but just a little better.

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