Friday, May 24, 2013

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Psy Imposter Dominates The Cannes Film Festival And Walks Off With Tons Of Free Shit

Ah, sometimes it's good to see racism prevail.  Nine times out of ten, racism is a terrible and disgusting act, but every now and then something amazing happens.  Sometimes you just got to pop on some $10 sunglasses, speak fake Korean and swivel your hips a few times and your entire life can change for a weekend.

Apparently the racist theory that "all Asian people look alike" can earn you overnight celebrity.  Fake Psy picked up goodie bags, had security guards following him, had bottle service given to him and danced on a fucking French TV show.  All because of RACISM!  Incredible how the world works sometimes.

I guess the black guy equivalent to this is when someone thinks that you played football or basketball either collegiately or professionally.  If I had a nickel for every time that I've heard, "You look like ::insert professional athlete::" I may have a few dollars.  Granted, I never took advantage of it quite like fake Psy did, but if there is a lesson here, it's that racism is sometimes awesome.  Probably one of the first three things that I'll teach my kid.

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