Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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For Only $1,200, You Can Look Into The Women's Bathroom At A Scotish Nightclub

Scotland just put all the creepers in the world on notice.  I'd like to make a distinction: there's funny creepy and then there's actually creepy.  The first type occurred back in college when a girl would receive a Facebook message that read "Ur hot" from the dude in the back of Econ class that they've never talked to.  Harmless, semi-funny and inconsequential.  Well staring at girls through a two-way mirror that they are unaware of while they are in the bathroom is filed under #2 - actually really fucking creepy.

I follow a strict policy of not caring what occurs in the woman's bathroom.  You guys take 2-3x longer than us and consequently look and smell 2-3x better than us.  I don't want to know how it happened or why it took you forever to come out of there, as long as you're all set and I got to drink the drink that I bought for you 30 minutes ago.

Plus it's 2013, Scotland.  What kinda weird rocks are you trying to get off by watching drunk girls in the bathroom when we are in a Golden Age of free pornography?  I know what I do in bar bathrooms and absolutely NONE of it is sexy.  I'm either #1 or #2ing, farting, dry heaving, throwing up or not washing my hands.  Not really much else to do in there.  Clean up your act and stop trying to watch girls poop, you guys.

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