Monday, May 6, 2013

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Looks Like Chingy Has Fallen On Some Hard Times

To be honest, my brain completely forgot Chingy existed.  Probably had to make the executive brain decision in college on whether or not to keep a catalog of Chingy records or learn Macroeconomic theory.  Well, you're back and neither of us are happy about it.

This is as cold-blooded as cold-blooded things get.  Dude probably hasn't had an offer in the last 5 years aside from performing "Spring Day" at middling community colleges.  It's like he was sitting in his fishing boat passed out and finally got a bite only to find out he was hooked on to a mean ass piece of seaweed.  Pranking out of work rappers might catch on though.

I'd do "Right Thurr" on karaoke right now for a $10 stack and a Snack Wrap.  Phenomenal deal for someone like me.

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