Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Manute Bol Doesn't Look Weird In A Pool At All

First off, RIP Manute.  A great man that focused all of his accumulated wealth and attention on struggling African countries to the point that it killed him.  A true hero.

With that said, get the fuck out of the pool, Manute.  You're scaring everyone and your XXXXXL limbs are going to appear in a terrifying dream of mine at some point in the future.  See that white dude in the top left corner?  He's got that "lolwut?" look going, but he's simulateneously stricken with fear and unable to get out of the water.  Completely bewildered and wondering how he ended up in a swimming pool with a 7 foot 7 African man.  You can't make things like this up unless you took a picture of a normal sized African guy and stretched him with Microsoft Paint and posted a picture on the internet because naive bloggers exist and will believe anything is true and they will definitely post it and sully the name of a someone who has died by making fun of him on said blog.

But that probably didn't happen.  The Internet is the integrity hub of Earth.