Monday, May 20, 2013

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Miguel Leg Drop Vs. Drake Looking Weird Meme In A Battle For Internet Supremacy

In case you live under a rock, don't have Twitter or have better things to do with your time, Miguel scissor-kick leg-dropped a young woman last night on live television.  And kept singing.

With the confidence of an Olympic long-jumper and the execution of an R&B singer with a faux-hawk, Miguel smushed a girl's skull with no reactionary remorse because the chorus of "Adorn" can't sing itself.  If it wasn't evident before, Miguel is playing Super Mario and the rest of us are playing Checkers.

The other internet thing to happen last night can't really be described plainly.   It was phenomenon that can only be equated to when the Outbreak monkey bit that dude and then that dude started sneezing on people.  

Background: On the set of DJ Khaled's "No New Friends" someone Instagrammed a pic and Drake looks about as weird as a person can look:

Shirt and shorts from the 7th grade, Hamburglar socks, and what appears to be boots with the illest mid-stroke lean you've ever seen.  Pure disaster.  Girls legitimately stop being friends with other girls if they tag them in a picture that "makes them look fat", so imagine the backlash for a "this picture makes me look like I kinda had a stroke, but it's almost understandable based on the clothes that I'm wearing."  You have to unfriend Rick Ross and Khaled on Facebook and unConnect from those motherfuckers on LinkedIn.

As I said, the internet got really weird with this picture.  It was like a paint can shined in the sky and everyone with the MS Paint software program and an IQ above 56 started to put Drake in different situations.

Drake getting crossed by Allen Iverson - it's funny because this person erased Drake's arm and drew a new one.  True workmanship.

"ATL" got robbed of all the Oscars.  But seriously, the movie was better than expected.  Marcus from "Smart Guy" is in the back btw.

I liked this one the most.  Like I always say, never underestimate how good someone can be at Twister when they are in the middle of a stroke.

I go as the internet goes.  The weirder it gets, the weirder I get.