Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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If You Claim You Know The Words To "Mirrors" You're A Liar

(4:45 is when the panties/boxers drop)

"The bacon seed inside of my heart" - What is he talking about?  Is this a euphemism for a clogged artery?  Whatever, the dude crushes this track.

I think that's a testament to how good this song really is.  I barely understand 25% of it and know that it has a stranglehold on being my wedding song and is the most heartfelt piece of music ever released.  Just speaking absolute gibberish and capturing a nation.

Yes, pocket full of soap is 1000% a lyric.  Dude likes to stay clean and we have no choice but to respect that.

Things that are also lyrics in this song:

"Visit space and now you're home" 
Kinda makes sense.  Sweet as hell.

"I can't help but notice, you reflect in this soda mine" 
A)  A mine full of soda? Sign me up. B)  Crystals are reflective.  Took us back to Earth science with this one.

All the Grammys.

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