Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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You Wouldn't Believe Tiger Woods Was Drunk If I Told You

Stage 1: Panic
Tiger is worried that he looks visibly drunk

Stage 2: Irrational Confidence
Tiger thinks he's fine, but he's actually really drunk and everyone knows it

Stage 3: Creeper
We officially lost him.  He's gone straight primal on us and this is just special to watch at this point.

 Stage 4: Get Home
In a time honored tradition unlike any other, it's the struggle to get home.  You have one goal: get to bed.  You have an alternative goal of buying pizza, falling asleep before you finish it and throwing up in your sleep. Do your thing, Tiger.

Anyone who's had a few whiskey-based beverages has been in this exact spot.  You get drunk, deny that you're drunk and "only had __ drinks", lose yourself, bother people, fight the good fight to get home and half eat something.  We've all been there.  Even the stars do too.

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