Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Is It Bad That Getting A Free Burrito At Chipotle Was One Of The Greatest Moments Of My Life?

Oh lawd, I can't even breath right now. I can barely type without it looking like I just had a stroke. But this is THAT SERIOUS. I got a free fucking burrito. How many people can go through their life and say that? Obese southerners would literally kill for the opportunity I just had. Hell, this is going on my fictional wall of fame along with being SICK at Super Smash Bros. and being worth $3000 fake internet blog dollars.

So do I buy like 25 lotto tickets? Should I start wild'n out on the street? I think it's in the bylaws that if you acquire a free burrito via the credit card machine being broken and you not having cash on you, it is basically diplomatic immunity. I already robbed a Best Buy and a Coldstone.

Sweet baby Jesus! We made it in Americaaaa

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