Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Working Man's Diary ("WMD") Is Destroying Syria From The Inside Out

What the hell, Syria? I'm just out here trying to produce some poorly written, tasteless jokes to make people's lives suck a little less during the week. Who are you to rain on my parade? If anything, I aim to provide refuge in a wartorn country. Unite people. Instead of fighting, death and destruction, you all can go home and complain about how much WMD sucked tonight or that I forgot to punctuate something.

Don't go on CNN and bash me. I'm trying to build a brand and you can't build a brand without taking over the Syrian market first. That's Marketing 101. Now I have to start from the ground up, print some blogs, staple them together and book a flight to Mesopotamia. It may not look it, but being the 6742nd ranked blogger in the world isn't all sugarplums and rainbows. Sometimes you cause political unrest and get called things like, "The reason WW3 might start." Day in the life.

PS. Don't think I don't see you lady. With your fake hair, gaspy expression, and exaggerated map behind you. Get off your high horse.

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