Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Is It Bad That I Don't Want The Brooklyn Nets To Succeed Because Of These Two Pictures?

Exhibit A:

-Yes, that's Shawn Carter laying on the ground in post-break-dance pose.

-Dude's worth 500 MILLION dollars and he's laying on a dusty ass floor wearing tongue floppin' Timbs like it's 1999.

-Cocky office

-If they lose every single game, we'll get to see the gravy face on permanent expression:

-Upset that he has Beyonce

Exhibit B:

-Bey infected the fashion design team with a hoochtastic disease

-These bitches look like confused zebras

-Pre-pubescent boys will have no idea who Deron Williams is, but will know the entire cheerleading roster.

-Jerry Stackhouse is pushing 38 years old. Prime heart attack age.

-Within 2 months, Andray Blatche is going to take half the cheerleaders and start a strip club that serves a "Steak and Shake" steak and lapdance special for $21.99.

Hope all ya'll tear your MCL.

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