Monday, September 24, 2012

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I Think Everyone Is Afraid To Talk About Google Chrome's "Incognito Mode"

Fellow creepers, derelicts, and degenerates, I apologize, but something has to be said.

When the word "trace" is used during standard internet browsing you know something is terribly, terribly wrong. As a proud user of Incognito Mode, I can confidently say that it is used for nothing good. You don't check your bank account in Incognito Mode. You don't go on CNN or MSNBC. Hell, I don't even know if you go on Facebook. It's strictly for the times you want to "get weird."

As an aging creeper, I don't really have much in my repertoire as far sketchy shit goes. I usually keep it simple with the obvious "I'm a dude and alone in my room" past-time and LinkedIn, strictly because of that "These People Looked At Your Profile" feature. I need to move in silence when I judge people's career path. I'm sure some of you readers have tested even murkier waters. I'm not telling you to tell me about them in the comments (certainly encouraged), but I am letting you know that the world is on to you (us?). The jig is up. Buy a one-way ticket to Iceland and buy an IBM ThinkPad from 2002.

This guy:
Says everything that needs to be said about Incognito Mode.

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