Friday, September 21, 2012

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The Apple Maps App Has Gamechanging Accuracy

Did Apple do it again? I think they did. It's like Stevie Jobs Thriller'd his way into the the Apple offices, pushed a few buttons and BAM, super-accurate maps.

Hoover Dam:
Ah, the infamous "Death Dip" at the Hoover Dam. No greater landmark than the 3000ft drop you experience while sightseeing out the minivan window. Apple captured it wonderfully.

The Eiffel Tower:
What everyone forgets to realize is that the Eiffel Tower isn't actually a tower...and it's located near a strip mall and a lot of wind turbines. Once you get past those things, it's all romance, proposals and high society living.

Toronto Airport Looks Good:
Winding, loopy, bumpy, vomit-inducing airport runways is apparently what's hot in Toronto. Looks like the city planner got hopped up on Jamison and amphetamines, played Sim City 3000, copied and pasted that, shouted "YOLO!", and presented this to management. Looks good.

Which Map is Right?
Obviously the Apple Map telling you to turn directly into a restaurant window is right. Duh.

If you're not running into walls and putting yourself in mortal danger with super-fast browsing speeds, you probably didn't download iOS6.

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