Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Baby Panda Loses It Over Rubber Ball

In light of all of this fiscal cliff, West-Kardashian baby nonsense, WMD likes to keep it extra simple and not talk about anything relevant on a day where there are plenty of relevant things to talk about.

Because I'm a blogger that pulls no punches and says what the others are afraid to say, I will call a spade a spade and say what everyone is thinking: this baby panda is fucking drunk. Like, me-for-a-majority-of-today level drunk.

We've all seen that bug-eyed, grab-hold-of-anything-around desperation of a completely hammered person. Well that's being displayed here in this piss drunk panda. Wrapping it's arms around the ball, tripping over logs and repeatedly ending up on it's back paint a pretty clear picture. I'm not knocking the Panda, it's almost 2013, do you and celebrate. I'm knocking the videographer for exploiting this poor bastard while he just tries to work his way through his drunk. Let him live and not wake up with an embarrassing video to watch during his hangover.

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