Thursday, January 24, 2013

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I Throw Away Pennies. Thoughts?

I've thrown out this fact a few times and absolutely NO ONE likes it. Approximately zero people. That being said, it's just efficient. In what situation do we use pennies? I get that I'm essentially "throwing away" money every time I garbage one, but holding on to one is potentially worse.

Power Statement Alert: if you collect pennies in a jar just to save them, you're a hoarder. You are taking up space in your house for something that provides little to no value to you. Think about it. If you have a 3 foot jar with solely pennies in it, that's AT MOST $20. I don't think people realize that it takes ONE HUNDRED fucking pennies to make a dollar. I can barely buy anything with a dollar these days, so what do I need with a penny?

I get people that save "real life" change because they can get a decent return compared to the time they put in to save it. If you have a 3 foot jar of quarters, you might be able to take a round trip flight to Florida. Because quarters are still considered money. Pennies are essentially around to get eaten by dogs and babies (I've eaten one or two in my day). Also, I'm at a stage in my life where I don't need to associate myself with pennies anymore. Can't have my pants janglin' with anything other than quarters and Sacagawea in this bitch. Opulence.

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