Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Aside From Having Just $217 In The Bank, I Think Zimbabwe Is Doing Fine

Jk. 217 dollars is such an exact amount that this story can't be false. And it's rarely a good thing when a COUNTRY has as much money in it's BoA account as a college junior.

Admittedly, it's pretty hard to get off the ground when you're dealing with 231,000,000% inflation - which is hilariously absurd. Imagine the government just sending out a letter in the mail saying, "Umm, yeah, we messed up, so bread is going to cost $75 a loaf now." and just carrying on everyday life. Hell, my world was absolutely flipped upside down when McDonald's got cute and decided to take the McDouble off the Dollar Menu every other week.

It's 2013. People are resilient, I'm sure they'll bounce.....wait a second...

"Government's national budget for this year stands at $3.8 billion and the economy is projected to grow 5.0 percent."

Oh hell no. 3.8 BILLION dollar budget and a growth rate of only 5% when you have ONLY $217 dollars in the bank. I'm no math major, but I'm pretty sure that's like 11 dollars of "growth."

$3,800,000,000 - $217 = we need to evacuate the country, Ctrl-Alt-Del this whole thing, drop a bucket of money out there and have them try again. Come on, Zimbabwe.

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