Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Stories That Can't Be True: Cats Kill 15 BILLION Mammals Per Year

This is utterly shocking. You're better than this NPR. You can't just toss around the "billion" word like you have scientists in the field counting each and every mouse/rabbit/bird/human baby casualty. The only thing I can understand on this list is the human baby. Babies are just habitual line-steppers. First years on Earth are meant to cry, sleep, throw up, and line-step. They're literally too dumb to understand anything and routinely need to get checked by cats.

We all remember this baby that didn't keep his head on a swivel:

As well as this baby that just couldn't quite make it across the goal line:

This baby threw a VERY solid haymaker, but was ultimately murdered. Violently:


Like I said, it's completely understandable that cats kill human babies, but BIRDS, RABBITS, and MICE? Unfathomable.

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