Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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If You're Not McLemore'ing Whenever Something Slightly Good Happens, You're Doing It Wrong

I just looked in the fridge and found an unexpected Kit-Kat sitting in there.  Guess what I did?  I got up started walking in place, chopping my arms up and down and flailing all remaining limbs in all sorts of directions.  I McLemore'd.  And you should too.

This may be the .Gif of the year, so there are a few people that steal the show here aside from Ben and I would like to put the spotlight on them because they are just as important.

Star #1:
-Nervous white guy.  You can tell he's nervous because he's biting his warm-up as a defense mechanism.  Have no fear, dawg.  When a moment like this happens you can seamlessly fit into almost any scenario regardless of your socioeconomic status.  McLemore'in.

Star #2:
We've all had this moment.  You ever see a friend of yours express interest in something you liked, but were scared to admit you liked?  It's like me and reality TV shows.  If I find another dude that knows every character on "The Challenge" we're insta-friends.  Well, this guy just found out Ben McLemore likes to dance.  That's the look of a guy that just made a new best friend.

Star #3:
The sidekick.  The bottom brick.  The guy that really makes this thing go.  You think Jordan could have had the success he had without Scottie Pippen.  The McLemore couldn't be the McLemore without alternating and perpendicular arm/leg extensions from this guy.  It gave everyone the confidence to start flailing their limbs rhythmically. 

I feel like Bill Self had some racist thoughts when he walked into the locker room and saw this.

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