Monday, February 11, 2013

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Nuclear Blizzard Nemo-1, These Birds-0

As you know, Hurri-blizzard Nemo came in and put Boston into a nuclear winter. I'm essentially blogging from a doomsday shelter with a can of beans and an electrical generator powered by a hamster wheel. Before the storm hit, I went outside to stock up on the essential supplies of toilet paper, V8 Splash, and Pillsbury biscuits. On the way, I saw this enterprising young bird just trying to figure things out:

-Just straight up didn't check the weather reports on the news and it's clear that he knew he fucked up. Once the flurries started, he got under this weak ass bush and looked like he was going to wait it out. I gave him a head nod, took his pic and knew this was without a doubt the last time I'd see this bird again.

-Sometimes you want to go out doing what you love. Hopefully when I'm on my deathbed, I'll have a invisible laptop on my chest and a weird news story queued up on WMD to publish on so you guys can all laugh with me one last time. This bird went out eating assorted nuts, berries and random debris. Pray for it's family.

Oh and in case you weren't sure whether these birds made it or not, this is the picture of that same area about 6 hours later:

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