Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Emaciated, Lethargic Penguin Washes Ashore In New Zealand

From what I gather in this story, penguins are getting bored as hell in Antarctica and tossing themselves in the ocean to see where they end up.  Risky play? Yes.  YOLO?  Definitely.  But this shit is horrifically depressing.  If penguins are getting sad, what does this world have to offer.

Life was so bad this penguin fucking chanced it in the ocean.  You know how insane the idea of "chancing it" in the ocean is?  This guy just ignored the idea of sharks, boats, orcas, starvation, muscle breakdown and even more boredom and went forward.  Probably the dumbest, most bold idea of all time from a penguin perspective.

I can't imagine seeing an emaciated penguin.  That's 100% the funniest thing I can ever imagine seeing.  Penguins are hilarious enough, but a very confused thoroughly hungry penguin aimlessly stumbling around would be high comedy.  

Obviously I'd save it's life and bring it back to perfect health so we can be best friends forever, but for that first moment, I would have a very genuine laugh.

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