Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Boston Commuters Doing It Big Per Usual

I'm a train guy.  I know the types of vagrants, derelicts and trick-ass marks that frequent the train.  Occasionally you'll see someone playing with themselves or a woman yelling at her reflection in the window. I just put my headphones on, stare at non-crazy people semi-accidentally and zone out for the ride.

Well this wonky character tried to bring a fucking adult-tricycle on board a bus.  All bets are off.  There is crazy and then there is attach a cardboard box to the back of your trike crazy.  Next level shit.  That person KNEW there was a -100% chance that contraption would make it on the bus, but part of him/her said, "Why not?"  That's the type of crazy that scares me.

Also, this isn't a manufactured vehicle.  This thing looks to be part bicycle, part other bicycle, and part shopping cart.  Combine that all together and you get the homeless version of the Megazord.

Just picture this:

and make it like 10,000x more homeless and you're there.

PS.  I'd really like to interview this batshit crazy person.  But obviously in a Anthony Hopkins-Jodie Foster, "Silence of the Lambs" type of scenario.

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