Monday, February 11, 2013

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Blogging This "Spiders Raining Down In Brazil" Video Live From A Rocketship To Mars

Sure, Mars has oxygen issues, no sustainable water supply and virtually nothing to do, but guess what else it doesn't have? Spiders falling from the sky to poison all our foreheads. That's a very huge issue for me, so if it takes leaving the planet to avoid airborne arachnids, so be it.

This is without a doubt the worst thing in the world, right? I don't think it's even a question, but for the sake of word count, I had to ask it. Raining spiders are too nightmarish to qualify as a potential nightmare for me.

Good luck with the Olympics, Brazil. Mentally prepare yourself to watch Usain Bolt get devoured by giant Black Widows right before he does his "arrow to the sky" celebration.

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