Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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I've Never Wanted To Leave Earth More


Mayans. This was them and you can be fucking sure of it. Sure you may read "Venezuelan Poodle Moth", but we all know how this went down. It's the biggest "We didn't actually kill you all on the 21st, but we kinda did" move of all time. They needed a scapegoat so they went ahead and picked poor little Venezuela as the breeding ground for these fluffy terrifying monsters.

I need at least 12 Encyclopedias, a rocket launcher and Stephen Hawking permanently riding at my side by midnight tonight if I'm going to survive this version of the apocalypse.

Question 1) Why do you have to look like that though?

Question 2) Did YOU actually invent swag?

Question 3) How quickly does the poison that you undoubtedly have kill me?

I blame Kanye for this shit:

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