Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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The Feds Will Be Here Any Second

Don't worry everyone, the Feds probably aren't after me, but I am legit worried though. I heard what I hope was a rumor about this new Facebook app that allows you to see who is looking at your profile at that moment and who looked at your pictures. Every guy that's reading this right now let out a swift gasp and look over your shoulder...you're probably getting arrested. I'm currently chillin' in the neighborhood fall out shelter right now hoping they don't arrest me for the Facebook equivalent of war crimes.

Throughout my strong career on "Da Book" I have successfully creeped on over 500 girls' (estimated) profiles. By creep I mean the "I got 33 minutes to kill, might as well check out all 739 of her photos" type of creep. These aren't sound times my friends. I feel like someone is trying to smoke me out of my cover by attacking all my vital resources.

Hopefully I haven't been making any serious enemies.

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