Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Simply A Bad Play

I can't sugar coat this (pun intended) at all. I just straight up ate way too much candy today and have a realer than real stomach ache. My work provides way too many treats. I fascinated myself today. It was that eye opening moment where you realize one of your biggest flaws as a person.

I have no semblance of self-control. I am currently writhing in a ball of misery because of my inability to say no. Put candy in front of me and it becomes an insta-wrap. People were saying, "now Dub Jeezy, don't you think 4 bags of Swedish Fish are too much for one day?" Where I should have responded with a yes and thanked them for their legitimate concern, I instead took it as a challenge and went after my next obstacle. Motherfuckin' Gummi Bears. Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook can see me during the pinnacle of my madness in writing "goin' in on some Gummi Bears." That shit was like a Michael Beasley cry for help. No one came rushing to put me into rehab (I said no, no, no), people were too scare to do anything. I was a man out of his god damn gourd and people reacted like they were watching a robbery on the street.

Now I am here potentially dying, curled in a ball, with Planet Earth on loop set to send me into the after-life. Let's see if I can squeeze out a couple more posts before I kick the shit out the bucket.

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