Monday, September 14, 2009

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The Working Man: The Remix

Diddy came up to me yesterday and was like, "what up playboy, eh-eh, eh-eh, bad boy. I want to make a remix to your working life to make daddy a hit, eh-eh, eh-eh." Naturally I obliged out of fear of having to go to New York and purchase sugar cookies. But seriously, poor Chappelle reference aside, I started a new job today, and I think I kind of liked it. Donn, donnn, donnnnn...

It's located in the Prudential Tower, which is pretty much the most important building in Boston. Get it, the most important guy in Boston works in the most important building in Boston? No. Ok, well it makes sense, since i'm awesome. Today was basically 8 hours of training for a job that I don't understand (maybe it's me not the job?) and me raiding the snack room. Yes, I have a snack room. It's stocked with the most ballin' of treats. You can see where the problem lies here right? Treats=shits, shits=naps, naps=unemployment.

I see what you're trying to do to me new job. You were jealous of my relationship with Ms. Unemployment so you're playing that hard to get shit. That "oh, go back on unemployment see if i care" shit. I'm on to your games. I'll bypass your snacks for now until I know I won you back. Day two tomorrow, everyone. Let the games begin. Again.

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