Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Sammy's Back

Sorry everyone, I've been a little sick this week and haven't had the zest or the vigor to put out a high number of posts. Through a strict regimen of doing nothing, sleeping and occasionally using the pull-up bar in our house, I am back at full strength. We also got the internet and cable (my true cure). Now that I am alive again, I can spread to you all this bizarre event that happened a few days ago.

If any of you remember the story about Sammy, Frankenbug, and the Parakeet, this will surely confuse you thoroughly. In my house, myself and one of my roommates have a sliding door connecting our rooms. It's pretty rickety and is never fully closed, so I decided to give it a little elbow grease the morning after a random night of drinking. My roommate was gone and half the door needs to be closed on his side. I'm in there casually connecting the clips when I make slight eye contact with a cat sitting on his couch. I think nothing of it and leave the room, successfully connecting the rooms. Do-do-dooo, wait. Was that a fucking cat sitting on his couch?

I go back in and confirm that there in fact is a cat just lounging on my roommate's couch. He looked like he owned the place. It was a little insulting. I made some phone calls, woke some people up, and tried to make sense of what was happening. No one knew how it got in (all doors were closed) or how it got into his room (it was closed too), so we automatically assumed it was our old neighborhood lost cat Sammy. The only logical explanation is that Sammy stowed away in our van's glove department waiting for an opportune time to make his residence at our place. At the very least, a decent place to take multiple shits (our basement acted as the bathroom). It only makes sense.

Orrrr this cat was just a mangy stray that left nothing but fleas and stomach worms in his wake.

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  1. Anonymous said... September 10, 2009 at 11:04 PM

    HAHAHAHAHA this is hysterical-- only you guys could have a stow away cat for days and not even realize it- let alone in the van glove compartment--I'm definitely a fan of the working man!

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