Friday, September 4, 2009

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Russell Crowe's At It Again


Perusing the web today, I stumbled across this story about Russell Crowe blowing yet another mild mannered situation out of proportion. Russell gets caught smoking and eating a burger in a magazine and he proceeds to freak the fuck out. It couldn't help but remind me about that hilarious Southpark episode featured above. He demands the columnists name (she's a girl by the way) and issues a challenge to a bike riding duel where his publicist says to her, "Are you ready to die?" Jesus buddy, pull back the reigns a little bit. I get called out for eating shitty food all the time and believe me, my number one retaliation is not a 12 mile bike race. It's more along the lines of a shitty stuttered comeback like "you wish you had this body" or "I need the omega 3 from the mayonnaise." Needless to say, Russell kicks the shit out of said female columnist and taunts her mercilessly. Anyways, watch the's hilarious and exactly how I imagine this situation transpired.

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