Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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My NYC Trip Pt. 3 (Last One, Thank God, What Was I Thinking?)

(Authors Note: Posts are going to be a little sporadic. Oh, and sorry Giants fans, nothing personal)

Moving sucks. Everthing that ended in -ide came into mind as a proper solution. You know, all the fun ones like homicide, suicide, cyanide, flouride (my breath was stinkin'). Now that we finally moved in, we don't have any god damn internet or television. We actually HAVE to interact with one another! I realize I am one of the coolest kids in the game right now, but not even I can create and maintain a conversation for a week straight. Sorry if I am venting, but I've been on a strict diet regimen of sweating and drinking gatorade for the past 36 hours.

Part 3 my friends. I had plans of purchasing a Mark "Dirty" Sanchez jersey before the game, but the economy told me that I couldn't do so (and the fact that I quit my job). Myself and the rest of my crew woke up and drove to the Meadowlands and G(ay)iants Stadium. An early afternoon day of tailgating came and went with copious amounts of drinking, lawn games, stolen bbq food, and one continuously repeated cd. It was your typical day drinking experience, but the night brought about the most fun I had all weekend. I am a huge Jets fan (yea, I don't like the Patriots, but I'd steal Tom Brady's life) and this game was a yearly game I went to with my father. Instead of having a good ol' father-son football experience, it turned into a drunken brofest. Amazingly, I still managed to focus on the game and watched my boy Mark torch the G-teens and pull down his first Dub as a starting QB. It was awesome. We ended up leaving in the middle of the third after Eli Manning threw his 12th consecutive overthrown pass.

Bars, bars, bars. New York City bars close at 4am, did I mention that? My body's natural bar clock is set at around 1:50am. In NYC, that made me the biggest bitch on the block. I don't know how you people do it. Stay out until 4 in the morning and then wake up at 7 to run major corporations. You'd think we would be in a recession with this, but these guys(and gals) are troopers (lolz). During the course of the night each of us dropped like flies in spirit and in energy, but with recent inventions of 5 Hour energy and Red Bull we were able to survive the night and get back home at around 5:30am. We barely made the bus the next day through my insisting that we watch a rerun of "Hard Knocks", but it was damned worth it--"please kiss the baby."

All in all a great weekend of exploring the city with good friends and watching the best team in the NFL show it's stuff.

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