Monday, June 18, 2012

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Creating A Facebook Album Ranks Right Up There With Giving Birth To A Baby

I think it goes: 1) Having a baby, 2) Getting married, and 3) Creating a Facebook album as the most important events that will ever take place in your life.

The common connector of these three things is responsibility. You're responsible for your child, your spouse, and your social popularity. Can you imagine creating a Facebook album and getting zero likes? Neither can I. Shit is absolutely horrifying. You have to arrange the pictures in a certain order to keep the viewer interested. You have to be constantly mindful that you intermingle scenic shots with pics of actual people. And the captions..OHH the captions. Photo captions are basically mini-blogs. You're either setting the scene like a normal person or you're attempting to be a stand-up internet comedian like I try to be. Can't just take a picture of lasagna without adding a slice-of-life, self-deprecating joke to it. It's 2012 that shit won't fly.

I was lucky enough to have the privilege to make a Facebook photo album yesterday and I have been checking it every 5 minutes for the past 24 hours. 90% social media insecurity, 10% my computer playing the role of baby monitor.

PS. What in the fuck is Instagram? Still have no clue.

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