Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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This Robot That Wins Rock-Paper-Scissors 100% Of The Time Is Such A Nerd

The Ishikawa Oku Lab at Tokyo University has it absolutely right. Why waste your time trying to cure fatal disease and solving the world hunger problem when you can build a fucking robot that can't lose a game of rock-paper-scissors?

Everyone's overlooking this like it's another, "Japan being Japan" situation, but do you know how important RPS (yeah, I went there) is? Shit solved any dispute that couldn't be handled with reason or physicality. Imagine winning any and all arguments because you were able to read/scan/interpret hand movements at lame-nerd-robot speed. Life would be gravy. You'd probably be President or at the very least, someone who's really awesome at rock-paper-scissors.

If you combine the RPS robot, WATSON from Jeopardy and the creepy ass Kindergarten teaching robot, I think bath salts are going to be the least of our issues.

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