Friday, July 26, 2013

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Hi, My Name is...

Smeesh. Yup, Smeesh.

I believe I was put on this world to talk sports, make dick jokes, and post cat videos. And I thoroughly plan on living up to my destiny.  On second thought, that might just be something I thought of when I was drunk.

Fuck it, I’m doing it anyway.

I’m the new guy over here at WMD. Dub was nice enough to offer me a chance to be his free labor (wait, what?) and I took it. God knows why. I’m from Philadelphia so I think I can offer a new perspective. I’m crude, antisocial, have the career prospects of a young Mork Encino, and I've been told I have very effeminate features (sup ladies).

So if you see me here at WMD, don’t be scared. Come up and say hi. Pat me on the head. I won’t bite. Well, okay if it’s Monday I might bite, but is that not understandable? Nonetheless, any other day of the week come and chat. Maybe we can share a quick bite at Arbys, The Rainforest Cafe, Gary Busey's house Captain D’s.

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