Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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Barricade The Doors! Oh Wait, Bears Can Open Those Now

Probably the most mislabeled video in Youtube history.  Straight up the opposite of "LOL."  

This video shouldn't have been a video because the right play here is to get the fuck out of there, push your slowest/weakest family member down so the bear gets them, and quickly find a hot air balloon.  Figure out life later, you're a fugitive now.  That's how it was SUPPOSED to go.

Nah, this group just giggled and pointed while a bear stood on it's hind legs and picked the lock to the backseat of their car.  Even if you paid me $1000 dollars for everything I found funny in this video, I would come out with zero dollars.  We can't have this shit, ya'll.  They can run faster than us, smell us from 5 miles away, climb trees, swim incredibly well and they're fucking bears.  No other explanations after that, family.  So push your fat son down, turn on the jets and take happy ass pictures like this:

PS.  I like this one though, he's friendly

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