Friday, July 12, 2013

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Where Have I Been This Week?

Tried to write for Barstool Sports: Philly in a paid blogging role, saw that Round 1 was best of 3, won Match 1, lost Match 2 at the buzzer (large conspiracy theory on this one), and will probably lose Match 3, found out that the paid blogging role is now unpaid, got friended by my competitor on Facebook because the Internet, liked the kid, and will probably add him to the WMD team if he doesn't win.

Ok, with that said, I'm back.  Sorry for the disappearing act.  

Let's get back to weird stuff like this unfortunate duck picture: 

The fact that one survived is actually pretty impressive.  Who knows, maybe those ducks will meet a wily, old rat-sensei named Splinter and start fighting crime.  TMND.

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