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Chappelle's Best Skits, Ranked (Pt. 1)

Did you guys know that we're slowly creeping up on the seven year anniversary of Chappelle's Show going off the air? No, seriously. I can't believe it either. The funniest and most important show in terms of social commentary of my lifetime has been off the air seven years. YOU NOW FEEL OLD.

Luckily for us Chappelle fans, Dave is somewhat making a comeback, in the form of a stand-up tour (hit me up if you're going to the show in Camden). But it's not the same. Nothing can compare to the genius of Chappelle's Show. I'm looking at you, Carlos Mencia.

But one thing I've noticed about WMD: Nobody has ever made a definitive list of the 25 best Chappelle skits. Luckily, I'm the biggest (white) Chappelle fan on the planet. Here are his 25 best skits in reverse order. Much love to his musical guests -- especially Wyclef -- they didn't make the list. 25-11 now, 10-1 later today or tomorrow. (NOTE: this list is entirely subjective, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't adopt my opinions immediately. Also, all the skits are hyperlinked because I love you guys):

25) A Gay World - Just because of this guy. And Don King. And Dave providing analysis between jokes.
24) Samuel Jackson Beer - Dave and his horrible Sam Jackson impression are pure magic.
23) The World Series of Dice - Ashy Larry is my favorite TV character ever. MARCY SON. WHAT?
22) Dave Gets Oprah Pregnant - Dave's drawing of the nude model was the first pair of boobs I ever saw. The drawing. Not the actual model.
21) Tyrone Biggums Crack Intervention - The 5 o'clock Free Crack Give Away and Tyrone's $450,000 crack party are the most wonderful concepts ever.
20) Nelson Mandela's Boot Camp - Like Sam Jackson, Dave's (even worse) Nelson Mandela impression is pure magic. And Mandela smoking weed. That too.
19) The Time Haters - "Hitler mama got one big titty, and one little titty, and they call the bitch Biggie Smalls."
18) Reparations 2003 - This skit gave us two of Dave's most underrated characters: Chuck Taylor and Tron.
17) Making the Band - Dylan, Dylan, DylanDylanDylan. And Dave as P. Diddy asking for the breast milk of a Cambodian immigrant from the Bronx.
16) Jury Duty - Just listen to Dave's analysis of Michael Jackson's penis again. "That piss was digital." And some people say cucumbers taste better pickled.
15) Piss On You - R. Kelly's Doo Doo Butter. dripdripdrip.
14) Law & Order - FIF.
13) Kneehigh Park - A child thinks Dave is Chris Rock and there's a song about herpes. And crabs. And gonorrhea. "I beat my dick like it owes me money."
12) Trading Spouses - "What the fuck is a parsnip?" "Who the fuck is Rene-Zel-Weg-uh?" Amazing.
11) Cribs - Dave has two dinosaur eggs. He cooks one. The other hatches. Dave chops the head off of that dinosaur. Plus his coat, his chandelier, the shoe God. Dave is a genius.

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