Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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Oh, This? This Is Just The KKK Children's Show For White Kids Called "The Andrew Show"

Ho hum, nothing to see here.  All we have is a racist little kid who's probably not even sure why he's racist holding a probably-racist pug.  Standard fare for the internet these days.

Well damn, KKK.  You're really going for something here.  The brain trust must have had to pull a few all-nighters before this was put together.  The ol' "throw some Christmas trees in the background even though it's July" play is mighty clever, I have to admit.  And the pug...THE PUG.  Classy.  Who doesn't like pugs?  Lastly, we have Andrew.  The confusedly racist star of the show.  Kid hates race mixing because it fucks up his frosting.  'Nilla for life, right brah?

I'm downright upset that the "new" KKK is using a VHS camcorder to make Youtube vids out here in 2013.  It's like I can't even make fun of them until their tech game is on point.  Couldn't even afford a seasonally appropriate background.  

I'll let you guys build up some funds, learn how technology (in general) works, and teach that racist-ass kid to stop reading from the paper.  It's unbecoming.  Pug's cool though - he can be as racist as he wants as long as his eyes keep hilariously bulging out of his head.

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