Monday, July 8, 2013

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New York Hipsters Are Abandoning Chickens After The Novelty Wears Off

* They keep laying eggs
* They're loud
* They're messy
* They're expensive to maintain

By gosh, chickens are still laying eggs?!  Fucking preposterous.  

Hipsters up to their old tricks again, I see.  Always trying to one-up each other in the "uniqueness" category.  It's all good up until you get smacked in the face with the unique quality of owning and tending to a god damn chicken.  Probably cool for the first 4 hours, but once you realize there's no one around to tell that you own a chicken, unique is probably not too fun.  Chickens can literally give two shits about your impractical wooden bicycle, your herb garden or your $150 tattered jeans.  They just want to squawk, pop out some eggs, defecate and eventually die.  That's it.  It's your responsibility to make that a smooth process for them.

PS. Scrap everything I said.  This tetrahedron super-playground looks fun as hell.  They're getting treated so well.

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