Saturday, July 27, 2013

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I Thought It Said T-Rex

Happy Saturday, y'all. I'm dog sitting for a friend, so ain't nothing goin' on but the internet. I saw this robot video that my lazy, dumbass brain read as "T-Rex Robot" and I thought, "fucking YES!" Robots are the shit, and the Tyrannosaurus rex is the lord of badass dinosaurs, if The Land Before Time taught us nothing else besides tree stars. Incidentally, I watched 11/12 of that movie's sequels one summer, so I'm kind of an expert.

As it happens, it's RHex the Robot. And, my razor tooth dreams are shredded. This is still pretty rad, if you think about physics and whatnot, and what it could mean for the future of vehicular movement. But I'm still a little disappointed. Now I'd like to share that disappointment.

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