Monday, July 22, 2013

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Guy Finds A Raccoon Attacking His Dog, Immediately Chucks It Down A Flight Of Stairs

Now I'm not going to say grabbing the raccoon and hucking it down the stairs was necessarily my option A, but I respect the hell out of the move.  Bet the raccoon didn't see this one coming.  One second you're gnawing on a poodle's face and the next you are somersaulting down what appears to be an endless cavern.  Not the greatest turn of events.  

Couple of things to address:

- The dog is named "Toaster."  Awesome name.  Love naming animals (and my future kids) after random inanimate objects.  100% naming my first dog "Toilet."  We'll let the chips fall where they may after that.

- Toaster got his ass kicked.  No other way to put it.  Bro couldn't even stand his ground for a millisecond before he was getting waffle-stomped all over the pavement.  A real evaluation moment for a dog and owner after this incident.

PS. At least an 86% chance this video is fake.

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