Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Hey, How About We Win An AFC Championship?

I am seeing a lot of disrespect for Gang Green out there. Revis not winning defensive player of the year, Rex Ryan “fat jokes”, and an inexplicable ESPN Sports Nation that omitted Mark Sanchez from the “What Quarterback Do You Trust To Lead Your Team” poll.

Revis has done nothing but quiet crowds, diminish egos, scare quarterbacks, and routinely change the momentum of big games. Decent resume. Oh yea, Rex Ryan is fat, but you don’t need to be in great shape to be a great coach (what up, Herm Edwards). He’s implemented a system and has stuck with it through thick and thin. There is no way you can disrespect his authoritative attitude and ability to mesh with such a young team. And lastly, what the hell ESPN? How do you just omit the other QB in a 4 quarterback race? That shit was just blatant and ridiculous. Granted Mark doesn’t have the stat line or the accolades that match Favre, Manning, and Brees, but damn, put him on the list. Let him rack up 4% from us Jets fans. We will ride and die with this guy until he can’t throw the ball anymore, and even then we will continue to ride (i.e. Chad Pennington).

Moral of the story, back off, respect this team. They earned their spot and they are playing their hearts out each and every week. Don’t go around thinking this will be an easy victory for the Colts because it was supposed to be an easy victory for the Pats in Week 2 and the Chargers last week. It’s the playoffs baby. No holds barred.

God Bless.

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