Monday, January 11, 2010

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I Can't Imagine Any Other Way To Rock Out

I'm kind of pissed that this gentleman chose the green shell. Those green turtles (were they turtles?) had not one discerning bone in their body. If there was a cliff in the next 25 feet of my walking path I'll make the necessary adjustments to avoid plummeting to my death. Green shells have no choice but to accept death.

Does this mean that this green guitar is limited? Can it only play a limited amount of chords? If I am jamming on stage rocking to some Paramore song, while chicks are drilling me in the face with all sorts of undergarments, I have to be at my best. My request to you sir, can you make this exact guitar, but with the red turtle? The more reasonable, think-things-through turtle.

It's like picking a quarterback that loses games (Tom Brady) over a quarterback that wins games (Mark Sanchez).

Haha, I had to. Let's go Jets--Super Bowl or Bust!

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