Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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My Dung Ball Of A Day Yesterday aka Blah, Blah, Blah

Long post, might be worth it if you’re feeling blue. Probably not though.

I was emo-ing it up yesterday, because yesterday sucked. It sucked badly. You won’t believe how many bad things happened in sequence.

The morning started out with me oversleeping and stepping on a stone as soon as I got out of bed. This stone cut under my foot, but not really, and left a pretty painful/annoying blister thing. Solid start. Rushing to get dressed and ready with a bloody blister thing on your foot is pretty trying, trust me. I got outside and walked all the way down the hill to the T-stop and realized I left my Ipod on my bed. Days don’t go well without my Ipod. Needless to say, I get yelled at for being late.

My job life-span is running out at this place, so I didn’t really care, since I’m feeling pretty miserable as is. I got swamped and eventually overwhelmed with a pretty busy day (no posts yesterday). Then I get caught shit deep in W2 confusion that takes like an hour and change to sort out. When lunch rolls around, I see it as an opportunity to clear my head and relax. Noooo, my mom decides to call me to yell at me about some stupid thing that is too stupid to mention in here (Hi Mom), and then as soon as I was done with that battle, my Dad called me right after to yell at me for some stupid, dumb reason. After the conversations, I had about 20 minutes left for lunch, so for some unknown reason, I decided to try to crush a large sub (with extra turkey) from the supermarket. I bet you can guess how many bathroom naps I took and profit-killing I did from that point.

Next, we had a work league basketball game at 7. I wanted to get there early for once, since I am routinely late and miss my first few shots because I’m not warmed up. I get there, stretch, get some shots up, and start the game. We end up having a 17 point lead with 6 minutes left, so it’s a pretty comfortable situation. Next thing I know, the whistle blows and I get my 5th foul (positive I had 3, I hate Basketball City). I ask if it takes 5 or 6 to foul out and they tell me it takes 6. Relieved, I sat for the next few minutes since we had a fairly substantial lead. Like 2 minutes go by and we are only up 4. I try to sub back in but that huge B at the scorer’s table told me I fouled out after I verified the six foul snafu. She manages to muddle around her papers for the remainder of regulation until the other team brings it into overtime. Oh, I am able to play in overtime? Thanks huge B at the scorers table. Basketball city overtime is arranged just as poorly as the NFL. Whoever gets the ball first will probably win. 2 minutes, running clock. Dammit. They proceed to Harlem Globetrotter the ball around for awhile and then with about 20 seconds remaining, the lone girl on their team drains a three. We go down, miss, foul them, they miss, ball bounces out of bounds, with about 3 seconds left, Basketball City lets the clock just run out because (with us down 3) the game was “over.” Did I mention I hate Basketball City?

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any worse. I walk all the way to the T to go home and realize, you guessed it, and I left my fucking cell phone in the gym. I have to walk back and re-do the trip. I get home, and what do you know? The blister popped and bloodied up my entire foot. Awful, awful day.

I challenge you (barring death, or illness) to top this day.

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